« Gressard consultants is dedicated to strengthen food value chains »

We conduct assignment for both public authorities and private companies on selected topics and food chains we are expert of.

We deliver hands-on expertise, advice and technical assistance for entrepreneurs and international donors.

Our geographic area of intervention is: France, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, South-East Asia, North America, with references in more than sixty countries.

Our services include:

  • Design of logistics hubs and wholesale market of short-term shelf life agricultural and food products,
  • Strategic, technical and economic studies,
  • Project feasibility studies and management,
  • Assistance to public policies,
  • Rural development,
  • Technical assistance programs and training activities,
  • Marketing and sales strategies of agricultural and agrofood products.

Our main references cover the following value chains:

  • Fruit and vegetables,
  • Horticulture,
  • Wine,
  • Fishing and aquaculture industries,
  • Milk and dairy

Our team is composed of permanent staff based combined with a solid international network of consultants.

Our skills mix technical, management and economic backgrounds enhanced by our strong international network of partners and selected local experts.

Our clients are:

  • French and foreign local and national authorities and governments,
  • International donors (EU Commission, World Bank, UNDP) and organisations (OECD),  French (such as AFD) and foreign public bodies,
  • Private companies: cooperatives, agrofood companies, international retailing companies, traders, wholesale markets operators, chains stores, international investors.